We now offer professional edited photos to booked parties.

Does your child love horses. I mean really LOVE horses? Why not book a pony party. All our pony & horse rides are hand-led. We are a small family business. . Our ponies are very sweet and loving being and good natured around kids. We travel to your location and give unlimited pony rides during the allotted time. We can give rides in front yards, back yards, alleys , cu-de-sacs, or even at your local park with permission. Please give us a call to book your party.

We are a small company that provides quality services. Our ponies come dressed up in many color options to every party booked. We might not be the cheapest but I guaranty our ponies are the cutest in Colorado.

We have now made it easier to book instantly. So you know your party os booked with your first phone call to us.

We also offer FREE tattoos to every party booked. . We apply one per guest and two for the birthday child.

Lorene ( 303) 898-2006 or email us: PonyRidesUSA2007@gmail.com


Package 1. One Well Trained Riding Pony for 1- hour.This includes a mini horse for brushing and decorating while the kids wait for their ride.

$200.00 + trip fee to your City.

ADD a ½ hour to any party above for $80.00

We also offer FREE tattoos to every party booked. . The kids love them.

Package 2. One Well Trained Riding Pony for 1- hour. The cart rides for 20 minutes.

The pony comes very colorful and decorated.

Cart rides are fun for everyone. Our carts can carry up to 6 kids.This includes the two carts and a mini horse for brushing and decorating while the kids wait for their ride.

( also includes two professional edited photos of your child.)

We bring our outdoor studio to you.

( Princess Pony or Unicorn or Western Cowboy)

$275.00 + trip fee to your City.

ADD a ½ hour to any party above for $80.00


NEW Princess Characters,added to the pony rides package above. Princess Frozen Elsa or Princess Cinderella or Princess Belle or Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora. For $100.00. We will read a story to the kids while they wait for their turns to ride the ponies or just come to read a story.( This is for 1 Characters )


No Ponies Needed for this Party!!! NEW Princess Characters for $160.00 per hour, $80.00 each additional hour. Princess Frozen Elsa or Princess Cinderella or Princess Belle or Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora. We will read a story to the kids..P


Mi nombre es Mayra Baltazar. Si esta usted interesado en Una fiesta divertida con ponies, me pueden ablar al 720-292-9994. Llamadas entre Las 7am y 11pm por favor. Tambien pueden mandarme un text

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****************Bad Weather**************

In the 5 years doing pony parties I have had to cancel about 15 pony parties and I feel really bad about this. So I came up with an alternative option so you will not have any upset kids and parents. So you may want to take in consideration if you are booking a pony party between November through May.

We offer pony rides year round as long as the temperature is 40° degrees or warmer. If it’s below 40° then it all depends on the road conditions, wind, rain, etc. We use weather.com to verify the weather for the day/week. At times its 38 degrees but the wind makes is much colder. We find the kids really don’t enjoy riding when its cold and also the wind makes the ponies spooky. Often we will cancel if the wind is stronger then 15MPR.The ponies are easily spooked and I just feel its not safe to provide the rides. PonyRidesUSA makes the final decision to cancel or not. If we do have to cancel for any reason either the night before or the day of. We will send out an email. I honesty don't like to deal with the rudeness of upset parents because we can't make it. We do pay dearly to feed and own our horses/ponies and I don't make it a habit in canceling just for the heck of it. I take all my horse business seriously and the safely of my animals is my first priority.

Click on the Bad Weather for your choices.

An occasionally we do have to cancel, bad weather, our equipment breaks down. In this case we will refund your booking fee. Booking Fee: Your booking fee is your trip fee. For if any unforeseen problems occurred, bad weather, our equipment breaks down your booking fee is NOT refunded. If you need to cancel the party then booking is non-refundable. The client may reschedule their booking fee’s to be applied to new date and pending availability with in 1 year. We will refund your booking fee with in 30 days after your scheduled date.

Indoor Alternatives
For small home parties.

We will also allow you to purchase the alternatives as add on's to our packages above soon.



Also, we are offering a photo session to have a picture of your child Cow Boy Style, Unicorns, Pegasus. etc.

Please contact me for more information.

Please note: we are pulling a trailer and are charging a trip fee based on the time/miles it will take to get to your event!

We offer service year round weather permitting of course.

Welcome to PonyRidesUSA

Please email me or call me with any questions or to see if I am available. Email: PonyRidesUSA2007@gmail.com I will email you back or give you a call, so please add your number. Lorene (303) 898-2006

I will return calls about 7 pm. Thank you

We do not have a pony wheel.

We try to keep our prices affordable. We do pay about $560.00 a month to own/feed my ponies and horses. This includes the feed, hoof care, vaccinations, and extra grain and hay when needed. I try to work as much as I can during the summer because during the winter I pay this regardless the ponies work or not.

PonyRidesUSA is family owned and operated pony ride business located in Bennett Colorado. Lorene Yee has been training horses, and ponies for riding and driving since 1987.  Your children are very safe under our care, and riding our horses and ponies. Teaching English, Western, Driving, and now Barrel Racing.



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