Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, but if you still have questions please don't hesitate to

call -- (303)898-2006


We also bring our small mini mare for the kids to brush during the WHOLE party while waiting for their turn to ride for every package at no additional charge.

Q: Is my little one too little to ride?

A: No! Little ones can ride too.We have had young as 7 months old for a ride.Our ponies are gentle and friendly. Also, parents are more than welcome to walk right next to their little ones, holding them securely on the opposite side of us. We also off the cart so both kids and adults can share the fun together!

Q; May I tip the employees that give the pony rides?

A: YES. Tips are very well appreciated, they go to the employees giving the rides. You are more than welcome to give them to them directly. They are the one's working hard giving the pony rides in the cold and heat. I the owner do not keep them.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: Yes. We have larger ponies that can carry up to 140 lbs. You just need to let us know your needs. We do have a full size horse.

Q: What happens if the pony goes "poop" during my party?

A: Ponies do this. When this happens, we will clean this up at the end of the party but if it's a distraction we will clean it up right away.

Q: Can we feed the pony?

A: YES. We will provide small buckets the kids can use so they won't get small little fingers bitten. Our ponies love carrots & apples as long as they are not given too much. Please NO hand feeding them for 5 years and younger. The treats are given towards the end of the party.

Q: How much space do we need for the pony?

A: Not a lot of space is needed. We will do pony rides up and down your sidewalk, or in your front yard or back yard. The more space the better, but we can work around what you have.

Q: Do I need to stay around you during the party?

A: No, your job is to do what ever is needed on your end. We allow the kids to experience getting on and off by themselves, we will help them if they need it. I find the kids really enjoy this and the ponies don't mind. It's cute to see them towards the end of the party how well they have picked this up. I personally think this in the best part of having the ponies at the party. The kids truly get hands on experience. Please remember we also offer lessons at our place.We hand out business cards to you and our guest about our lessons programs and our horse show opportunities.

Q: May the kids ride double?

A: No! We do not allow this.If one child falls off they usually will pull the other one off with them and fall on top of them.


Q: What if it rains or snows on the day of our party? Is our deposit refunded?

A: NO, We don't allow you to cancel just because it doesn't work out for you. We will allow you to reschedule for another day though if you need to cancel for any reason as long as we are not booked for that day.This is why we only require a $10.00 booking fee.


Q: How can we pay?

A: By cash only the day of your party.

Q: We have a dog, will he bother the pony or zoo animals?

A: YES, Please keep all dogs inside or put away for the duration of the event. If there is a loose dog,
the pony will be stopped until the dog is put away. Excited dogs charging the pony, nipping the
pony's heels, etc. ARE a SERIOUS safety hazard. This is for the safety of the children, the pony
and the dog.

Q: When do you arrive?

A: We arrive about 15 minutes to a half hour for set up.Our ponies come saddled and ready to ride once we arrive. If you want us to start early then the time starts then and we will leave early as well.

Q: May we start playing with the ponies once you arrive?

NO...We are here to provide rides for the time you ask. Please don’t ask us to take pictures of your child just sitting on the ponies before the party. Please also keep your guest from asking us if they can just have their infants sit on the pony. This requires us to hold the ponies and is no different then giving a pony ride. Often we are not even near the ponies and we have people just putting their kids on the ponies. This is for the safety of your child.

We don't mind you petting the ponies, but nothing else. Thank you

Q: How do we book a party?

A: The best way to contact us is by Calling my cell (303) 898-2006

Saturdays and Sundays book well in please call early. There is always a chance that a date will be open, so don't hesitate to call us and inquire.

Q: Do you offer balloon twisting or face painting?

A: No,balloon twisting but we do offer Glitter Art. Face painting has to be washed out that night but the glitter art can stay of your child's ar for a week or so.

Q: We are planning a large festival, do you offer discounts for Churches, etc?

A: No we don't. Our prices are very reasonable. We are currently not offering large events.

Q: We are having a pool party too, is that OK?

A: Wet Bathing Suits: If you are also having a water slide / pool party on the day of your event,
please make sure that all of the children are dry before riding the pony. Wet bathing suits will
not be allowed on the saddle so a towel should be provided by EACH child.


If you have any other questions please email us at :

October, 2014